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Time for pods to “Mesh”


Time for pods to “Mesh”

I installed 3 pods yesterday. How long until the system configured itself. If I change rooms sometimes I do not get any internet but it shows full bars? Is this the system fixing itself or is there an issue? Have tried to reset but same. Better internet in whole house but the pause in service is kinda annoying.
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Re: Time for pods to “Mesh”

Been reading elseware that there are widespread pod issues that started last week. I got hit Tuesday and ended up with 2 of three that would only route ipv6. Check to see if you can get to amazon, google and Facebook. If you can and not other sites like most Comcast you have the same problem. I got frustrated and returned mine for replacement but now my gateway is stuck in mesh mode and locked down. No one can figure out how to get it out and I have done multiple factory resets including the paper clip erase and restore. Once my settings get restored so does mesh mode. I had them create the replace ticket and the system was supposed to remove the pods and return my gateway to normal but that has never happened. I can only guess that is related to the ongoing issues. Wish I would have known Friday and I would have waited but I didn’t check forums and nobody at Comcast knew or told me about the issues. I have a new gateway enroute in case that is needed.