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Time Limits Not Working

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Time Limits Not Working

I have an Amazon Firestick that is setup up on a childs profile with Bedtime mode and a 2 hour daily Active Time Limit. Every morning at 2am (the first 2 hours after midnight) I get a notification it's reached it's limit and will be paused. While that is incorrect as it hasn't been used, the bigger issue is it never actualy pauses the device. It says it's paused but the device it stays online and can be used all day with no issue. Even the Time Used will contine counting up and showing Activity Time of 6 hours and it keeps streaming even though a 2 hour limit is set. 


Steps I have taken

1. restarted modem, firestick, Xfi Ap

2. Removed the firestick from network and then reconnected

3. Removed the profile and created a new one with the device

4. Verified latest version of Xfi app and Firestick softwear

5. Varified when done using the Firestick all apps are exited and TV is powered off


I have other streaming sticks on the network without these issues. Here is what I need fixed:

1. Solve the issue of the Firestick somehow streaming for the first 2 hours every day while we are sleeping. Otherwise the Active Limite Time is useless if it automically times out before we even use. I've been sure to exit all apps on the Firestick, plus I have other Firestick's and Roku sticks that don't have this issue.

2. Activity Time Limits actually working, and being accurate.