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Some Possible Update Features for xfinity xfi

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Some Possible Update Features for xfinity xfi

After using xFi for several days without any major problems, there are two features I think would improve the app, especially for Parental Controls:

1. Rather than using Bedtime settings to set a long permissable use time period, most parents want to limit child use to, say, 2-4 hours per day that includes the total accumulated time on all devices in the child's profile.  When that maximum wifi time expires, all devices it the child's profile would be paused.  This easily permits adjusting the total amount of wifi use for week days or weekends or any day of the week.


2. Although it is very easy to pause profile or devices, it would be great to allow a similar extend time on certain occasions without needing to change bedtime hours, etc.


These two features should not be too difficult to implement since you already have the softare to pause and keep track of device and profile times.