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Site Survey - Expanded Service

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Site Survey - Expanded Service

Hi --

We live on a street in Massachusetts that doesn't have Comcast Service at the moment and are very interested in obtaining service.  What is the process to obtain a site survey and determine what is involved in installing cable service.  The road without service is probably a thousand feet from the main road where there is Comcast cable service.  There are also a dozen neighboors on the same street that are interested in obtaining service as well.


Please let me know who I should reach out to for more information.


Much appreciated,



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Re: Site Survey - Expanded Service


GWMV, If you live in a block of area that doesn't have Comcast service but there are Comcast serviced homes nearby, we may have to have a plant extension built to extend service which may incur a fee. I've seen your private message and will respond there with more info.