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Settings for Multiple Gaming Consoles


Settings for Multiple Gaming Consoles

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I just added the xfi advance to my service with Comcast. I would like to get rid of the router I have if possible to better manage the cabling in my room. 


I would like to make sure that I can get everything set up correctly the first time so that we have minimal down time. Our current setup is as follows:


Netgear CM Gigabit router > Netgear Nighthawk R8000P>

>wired to PC

>wired to Xbox One X

>wired to Security system router

>wired to PS4

>wireless to PS4 

>wireless to PS4

>wireless to at least 3 laptops and 4 smartphones.


Two of the PS4s are not in my bedroom (which is where the modem/router will be) and they sometimes have issues with NAT. This requires me to have to restart ALL devices using the wifi currently as well as the modem/router.


Ok, so now that I will be having the XB6 ( i believe that's what it was), I know I will only have two ethernet ports to work with.  Not a huge issue since usually what is on is the security system's router and my Xbox One X. If I need to use any of the other wired devices, I can disconnect the Xbox and connect the one needed. However, I am worried that we will still be having the NAT issues for the wireless PS4s. What would be the best option for us? Use the modem as a router or use our current router connected to the new modem?


I know that eventually we can get it to work, but the faster the better as my brothers will go into my room and complain when we have to reset the modem/router.