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Port Forwarding with Cisco DPC3941T Gateway

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Port Forwarding with Cisco DPC3941T Gateway

My Cisco DPC3941T Gateway has Port Fowarding disabled on the device.  It must be setup through xFi.  The Port Fowarding options in xFi seem oddly limited.  Specifically, there seems to be no way to specify a Port From separate from the Port To.  There is only an option to list one port.  This makes the Port From always equal the Port To. 


Being able to change the port as it passes through a router is a basic feature of any Port Forwarding I've ever seen and is even shown in some old postings for that Gateway when the Port Fowarding was set by logging into the Gateway.  This Gateway can do it.  


Am I missing something?  Is there some way to set a Port From and Port To using xFi with this Gateway?

If not, how does one request such a basic feature be re-enabled?  Port redirection is a simple way to add security from random port sniffers: don't use common external, WAN, ports but instead use a random external port redirected on the LAN to the correct port.

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Re: Port Forwarding with Cisco DPC3941T Gateway

Hi Zoop1,


Please check out to 2 links below that will assist you in setting up Port Forwarding as well as how to access the additional settings for Port Forwarding. Set Up Port Forwarding Using XFINITY xFi and XFINITY xFi Additional Settings. I hope this helps!