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Pause Devices Stalls Have to Crash App

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Pause Devices Stalls Have to Crash App

Love this app for managing kids Internet use BUT there is an annoying bug! When you Pause All devices on a user the "please wait" screen just spins FOREVER - I've let it run for an hour a d there is no way back or out. ONE time it said "done" so yku have to crash the app a d reopen it. The devices will all be paused as they should - its like the app just cant get confirmation or close out of that "please wait" screen. If yku choose pause all until i wake them, it works even if yku crash app within 10 seconds, when yku reopen app they are paused, but having to crash the app is annoying. It should just paise them and return to home screen. Took screen shot but no place to uplos here. Hope this makes sense and can be fixed, go thru this many times a day.

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Re: Pause Devices Stalls Have to Crash App

Hi @Kbastian, I am sorry to hear that this has been your experience with the Pause feature. Can you please send those images to me via Private Message and include your account number? 

If you can also include details as to whether you are connected via WiFi or 4G/LTE when pausing, that would be helpful. Thanks!


To Private Message me, click on my Name and then the blue "Send a Message" button. Once you are in that window, there should be an option to add Photos. 



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