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New Xfi advanced Gateway router drops randomly

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New Xfi advanced Gateway router drops randomly

About a month ago, I received the TECHNICOLOR CGM4140COM router/modem as part of my xfi advanced advantage upgrade. Since I have been using the new router, I have had my internet drop in and out on all my devices at random times. 


I have everything from a computer to my phone to an Xbox hooked up at different times to the internet, and they all will randomly lose internet connection for no reason. When this happens, the router shows no signs of anything being wrong and doesn't go through any updates. It simply drops. 


In an effort to fix this, I hooked up my Xbox to an ethernet cord, but nothing changed. And the most frustrating part of it all is that not only did the internet still drop through an ethernet connection, but the ethernet connection did not improve the speed at all. 


I have had a technician out to diagnose the problem and called a couple of times to ask if Comcast could see anything on their end, but they said there are no issues with my connection, modem, or account. The lines were also checked for any inconsistencies. 


I am tempted to ask for my old router/modem back to see if it fixes my problem. I use the internet all day for my work so it isn't possible for me to live with this randomly dropping connection. 


Thanks for any suggestions or help on this issue!

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Re: New Xfi advanced Gateway router drops randomly

Gosh! I thought I was the only one having issues. I did everything you did as well, and the technician had no clue what was wrong. It's very frustrating, especially when it's made to look like your stupid.


I'm sorry you're having the issue; however, I'm glad I'm not the only one!