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Multiple MAC addresses on same Notebook in xFi

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Multiple MAC addresses on same Notebook in xFi

My apologies if this has already been discussed and answered. I searched the forums for a couple of days and did not find anything. This isn't so much an answer, but a solution in case anyone else is experiencing this.


After switching to xFi and installing the app on my mobile device and checking online, I noted I was seeing multiple connection called Generic Windows PC/Laptop. I literally had over 200 of them at one point. I could not figure out where they were coming from and they would only connect once. I called support and they simply recommended I change my router password. Turns out it is a Windows 10 feature that allows it to use randon hardware address. Once I disabled this feature and removed all the connections, I no longer see the random connections. 


The way I discovered it was to track the IPAddress assigned and checking my Windows 10 computers. They were all assigned to my computer and mine was the only one with this feature enabled. You can find the Microsoft support article here:


Hope you find this useful. 


Cheers ...