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Ethernet Much Slower Than WiFi with GB service - Any Resolution?

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Ethernet Much Slower Than WiFi with GB service - Any Resolution?

I recently upgraded to GB service.  I immediately noticed that ethernet wired speeds are much slower than my WiFi speeds, with maximum wired speeds approaching 150 Mbps compared to being able to achieve speeds between 200 to 500 Mbps while over WiFi only.  Usually people seen to have the opposite problem.  After repeated calls and visits with Comcast, my situation remains unsolved.

I am using the new Xfinity Gateway.


Below are some of the steps I've tried:

1.  Checked speeds using 2 different computers (a Dell Precision 7510 and a new Apple Macbook Air), with both computers containing GB capable ethernet adapters.  Neither machine can achieve speeds above 150Mbps while wired.

2.  Replaced ethernet cable with new cat 6 cable, same results.

3.  Called Comcast and after numerous troubshooting, I was instructed to replace the gateway, which I did.  same results

4.   Tried hooking the gateway up to a different cable outlet in my house.  No change in the results.


Comcast then sent a tech to my house.  

1.  The tech checked the configuration of both machines and confirmed they should be capable of receiveing GB speeds while wired.  

2.  The tech replaced the gateway (now the third gateway), same results.

3.  Comcast replaced the undeground wire between their box and my house.  Same results.

4.  The tech ran a direct connection between the gateway and Comcast's box outside (not the box on the side of my house, but the box out at the street)  to confirm that the issue was not with my house's internal wiring.  Same results.  This at least ruled out an issue with my internal wiring.

At this point Comcast gave up and said that the issue must be within their facilities (i.e. their cables and equipment in the "street") and not due to my equipment or the wiring in my house.


I've read a few threads that are now locked with people having had similar issues, but did not see if their issues were ever resolved.  Has anyone with these issues ever gotten a resolution?



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Re: Ethernet Much Slower Than WiFi with GB service - Any Resolution?

You might get more resposnses in the Your Home Network forum since this does not appear to be an issue with xFi.

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