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Dropped $200 on 6 xfi pods that do not work.

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Dropped $200 on 6 xfi pods that do not work.

I followed the setup instructions exactly. All my pods are connected, named, and show up as "online". However, no devices ever connect to any of them and my wifi is worse than ever. So frustrated.
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Re: Dropped $200 on 6 xfi pods that do not work.

Hi @Ssullivan1969, I took a quick look and see that there is currently a device connecting to one of your pods, however it also looks like your pods could benefit from better placement. 


We recommend that the first pod is placed approximately 20 feet away from your Gateway (about 1 room away) for a good connection. The remaining pods should be placed evenly around the home. Try avoiding placing the pods in outlets that are obstructed from view - do not place pods behind big furniture or plants. It can be trial an error to find the best configuration for the pods, but know that it may take a few hours for the pods to optimize once they are moved. 


Please let us know if you continue to experience issues. 

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