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Xfinity Authenticator Application


Xfinity Authenticator Application

The Xfinity Authenticator app helps keep your information safe, even if someone has gotten a hold of your username and password. This extra layer of security helps prevent anyone who does not have your permission from signing in to your Xfinity account. Authenticator works with our Two-Step verification, so it's easy to approve sign-in requests with Fingerprint.


Xfinity Authenticator is available to all Xfinity customers for iOS and Android.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I un-enroll (or uninstall) Authenticator in my account?

Before uninstalling Xfinity Authenticator from your iOS/Android device, please make sure you manually remove the desired device in the My Account portal, you can do this by clicking on the “Recovery Options” link in the settings screen of the app:

Recovery Options.pngFigure 1. Recovery options link on Authenticator settings

Once you have removed your device, you can uninstall the application from your phone. If you skip the previous step, you’ll keep being prompted to enter the 6-digit code from the Authenticator every time you log into your account until you remove the device manually in My Account.


If you have already uninstalled Xfinity Authenticator before first removing your device, you can log in to the My Account portal and navigate to your two-step verification settings to manually remove the device from your account.Removed Device.pngFigure 2. Remove trusted Authenticator device in My Account portal


Why do I keep getting the “You’re not connected” screen?

There could be multiple different reasons for this:

  • You are connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network( or have set up a proxy server for your Wi-Fi/Cellular connection.
  • You’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network with a captive portal, such as an airport, hotel, and coffee shop.
  • You have a weak signal strength from your Wi-Fi/Cellular connection.
  • You’re fully connected to your Wi-Fi/Cellular network but the network doesn’t have internet reachability.

Please verify connectivity to the internet by browsing to the My Account website or any other website that requires internet connectivity.


Why does the application loop during the sign-in process and not let me log-in?

You could be facing this issue because:

  • Cookies in your browser/device are disabled. Please make sure you have cookies enabled in your mobile device browser (usually Safari/Chrome, depending on your platform).
  • You need to restart the application. Please use the multi-task feature of your device and make sure you force-close the application and then open it back again by clicking the Authenticator icon on your device home screen.


Why am I not getting a push notification when trying to sign in?

There are a few possible causes for this:

  • You disabled the “Notifications” option in the settings screen of the Authenticator app.
  • You disabled notifications for Authenticator on your device. You can re-enable notifications through the Android/iOS settings. Navigate to the proper settings screen through the Authenticator app, by clicking in the mentioned “Notifications” option.

If you’re still having issues, try deleting your device from My Account and re-installing Authenticator.


Why do I need to register my personal email and phone number in order to use Xfinity Authenticator?

In order to secure your account and provide you with different alternatives to verify your identity, we encourage all users to provide these alternatives to access your account in case you don’t have your Authenticator-enrolled device close to you when trying to sign-in.


Why wasn’t Xfinity Authenticator integrated into any of the other existing Xfinity apps or any of the other third-party existing authenticators?

We want users to be able to use Xfinity Authenticator regardless of the Xfinity services that they already use. Other existing third-party authenticators won’t provide some of the available features in Xfinity Authenticator like Touch ID / Fingerprint approval, notifications, etc.


What if I receive an unknown or suspicious sign-in request?

If you’re not trying to sign in at the moment you get a sign in request notification, deny the sign in request, make sure no one else knows your sign-in credentials and please modify your password so that you keep your account safe.


I have received the maximum devices allowed message. How do I manage my registered devices?

You can register up to 5 different devices as trusted devices with the Xfinity Authenticator app. If you get the “You’ve already registered five trusted devices.” message, please click on the link shown on that screen that will take you to My Account settings where you can remove one of the already registered devices. You will need to do this in order to register a new trusted device.


What if I don’t have internet connectivity on the device that has Authenticator installed?

If your device isn’t connected to the internet, you won’t be able to receive sign-in request notifications from Authenticator. Instead, you can use the 6 digit verification code created by the app every 30 seconds. Just select the option “Enter a code from Authenticator” when trying to sign in.Enter a code Authenticator.pngFigure 3. Option "Enter a code from Authenticator" available while trying to sign in.


Why am I not receiving any SMS messages on my phone from any Xfinity applications?

During the enrollment process for the Xfinity Authenticator, if you are unable to receive verification codes via text message, your carrier may be blocking your device from receiving certain SMS messages. Please contact your cell phone provider to turn on / unlock the SMS service. Keep in mind that only U.S. phone numbers are supported.


How do I contact Xfinity to get support for issues related to Xfinity Authenticator?

You can reach us here, in this forum, by posting a comment below. Also, you can email us at:




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