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Where does My Account App Status Information Come From

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Where does My Account App Status Information Come From

Please forgive the preface, I am trying to provide a complete picture of what I am trying to determine with the app. The very specific question involving the app is at the end if you want to skip to that.
I am attempting to troubleshoot issues my family has been having with their internet recently. The internet will drop out multiple times, usually at night, for a couple minutes at a time (NOT the wifi, there is a distinction in that I could set up a router not connected to the internet at all and it would still provide a wifi signal people could connect to forming a local network). All devices whether they are wired directly to the modem or on wifi lose internet access simultaneously and also resume internet access simultaneously. Once again the wifi devices do not lose access to the local wireless lan, they simply can no longer access the internet beyond that.
Since the issue is not really predictable, calling tech support usually does not help because the internet will be working at that time and thus they can see nothing wrong from their end. The one time I did have someone on the phone will it was occurring she did say that she saw issues, I forget if they were dropped packets or connection resets that she saw.
The tech that came out said the router/modem pair showed no history of lost connections in it's logs. However, I have logged into the router/modem pair when the issue was occurring, went to the diagnostic tools section where it has a "test connection" option which pings, when the connection goes down the tool on the modem fails to resolve the host name and has 100% packet loss. If this is happening I do not know why it would not have shown in the logs the tech was viewing. For whatever reason, the router/modem pair always says "internet connected" on the status page. Even when Comcast reports an outage in our area, even when the tech had the internet disconnected at the network box in the closet, the modem status page still said "internet connected".
Attempted Resolutions:
1) The first technician replaced the router/modem pair and the issue still happens, not as frequently though. It used to happen all hours of the day, now it mainly happens at night although it does happen during the day still, just less frequently.
2) The second technician replaced the physical coaxial connections inside the house where the modem connects, he mentioned they were "sunk in" and could have been providing a shoddy connection.
App Specific Issue:
In an attempt to get more information I downloaded the My Account App to see what information it provided when the internet went down (using my cellular connection). It always says at the top "Your XFINITY Internet" Connected with a green circle. However, under devices when the internet goes down, it shows my modem with a red circle and says not connected. Why are these two things different? Where exactly is the data being pulled from? After a few minutes when the internet comes back up the modem has a green circle under devices and says connected. This leads me to believe that the part where it says "Your XFINITY Internet" Connected does not actually reflect my personal connection at the modem, it must be further up stream from me. It does have a means to determine that my modem is not responding/connected though. Please see images below.ss_1.pngss_2.png
Any insight into where this information is coming from would be helpful in resolving my issues. Thank you
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Re: Where does My Account App Status Information Come From


Furthermore, I have been made aware (and verified) that the televisions are affected as well. The televisions will either freeze completely or the channel will play but a message saying that the X1 service is unavailable will be displayed, any and all access to cable related functions is denied. The My Account App will continue to say "TV Connected" however under devices it shows each television set with a red circle and says "disconnected". Why does this contradiction exist? Where is this information being derived from so I can better troubleshoot my issues.


Thank you