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UX FIX - Appointment Rescheduled without Confirming

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UX FIX - Appointment Rescheduled without Confirming

I'm surprised that the reschedule function within the My Account app does not confirm that you want to reschedule. As I was exploring the app waiting for my installer to arrive within 3 hours, I clicked on the dates available thinking I'm not changing anything - I just wanted to see how I would reschedule if needed in the future. When I clicked 'Next' thinking it would confirm the date and that I would then submit to change it. Nope- it canceled my appointment and moved it out. 


So this is for the UX designers on the account app: Please put in a confirmation that you want to make a change and not assume it as the user is sometimes exploring the functionality. The customer service agent told me she had a previous caller with same issue that they accidentally canceled appointment doing the same thing since it does not ask the user as the last step to confirm the change.


So now I'm waiting again for installation based on bad UX within the app.