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Data usage meter not updating

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Data usage meter not updating

Comcast ended the unlimited data (Covid-19) allowance on June 30 . My usage meter was updating until 7/8 when it stopped at 189 GB used . I have tried on multiple devices and on browser , still showing 189 GB used . Anyone else having this issue ? 
I've tried 3 times to contact support, no response as usual .


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Re: Data usage meter not updating says:


If you have questions related to the Data Usage Meter, please call us at 1-877-807-6581 and a service representative from the Customer Security Assurance Department will be able to help you.

Although the heading of that article says it's for customers who don't see their usage meter, call that number for ANY problem with the meter, whether it's missing, stuck, or whatever.


Expect a fix to take several weeks.