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Credit Card block

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Credit Card block

Im trying to make a payment and it say I'm blocked from this portal I done gave Comcast over 3,000 dollars they have some nerve I'm a social network blogger and I will let the world know about this- I have to pay for wifi separately and the accept that payment but not to pay the bills this is fraud 

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Re: Credit Card block



I've replied to your private message. It's not a problem that you messaged me, but in the future, please refrain from reaching out directly through a private message. By sending unsolicited private messages to our Official Employees, you are inadvertently violating our forums guidelines. We recommend that each customer create your own public thread without your account information and details of the issue or experience you may be having. Doing so will auto-open a ticket in our system, and we can assist you in the order your request was received. 


Please reply to my response in the private message and I'll be happy to investigate this for you.