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Can't sign in to any Xfinity mobile apps now

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Can't sign in to any Xfinity mobile apps now

I changed my password in June. Since then I can't sign in to any Xfinity mobile apps - Xfinity My Account, Stream, Remote, etc. Every time I've tried it says it's the wrong Username or Password.


I can sign in just fine ONLINE on a computer, using multiple browsers. My Apple computer OS is updated. I can use the MAIL app on my laptop to download my Xfinity mail, (after changing my password in all my accounts in MAIL) and that works fine.  


But no Xfinity apps work on my Apple mobile devices since I changed my password.


So, I've deleted all MAC "keychain" saved Xfinity passwords.


I've deleted the Xfinity apps from my mobile devices.


I powered off my Apple mobile devices. Waited. Then powered them back on.


I then redownloaded the Xfinity apps.


My mobile devices iOS are all updated, too.


The apps on my mobile devices are all updated, too.  


Still. Xfinity apps give me a "wrong username or password" message every time I try to sign in on any Xfinity app.  I wait several days.  Then try various Xfinity apps again to sign in.  Still, the error message.  

What gives?   Absolutely BEYOND frustrated with all XFINITY mobile apps for Apple devices!!