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Can't reset Modem

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Can't reset Modem

In the past when my internet went down and I would call for help I was always told at the end of every conversation that I could download the My Account app and restart my modem from there. 6 months ago I finally downloaded the app and when my internet went down I would resart my modem from the app and that would usually solve the problem. Ever since last week however I have not been able to do it, now I get a prompt that says "Which TV box do you want to restart?". There is no TV box listed and i'm only prompted to cancel since the continue button is faded and I can't select it (picture down below). I don't have a TV box by the way. I called Xfinity multiple times about this and this is how my last three calls went.  First they check my account and they tell me that the reason I can't restart my modm is because it needs to be an Xfinity modem (I have my own equipment). I tell the person that's wrong because I was able to to it before and it wasn't a problem, next they try to tell me that i'm using the wrong login and that I need to log in with the comcast username they gave me, I did that and the problem still isn't fixed. Then they ask me to uninstall and reinstall the app but that still doesn't work. I point out to the person on the phone that the issue isn't just the app, it is the same issue through the web browser. They try to tell me it must be my device but I told them I have tried the app on multiple phones and 2 desktop computers and I run into the same issue. Finally they tell me they are going to go check "something" and they'll call me back in 30 min. I never get a call back. This is the last 3 conversations, the first call is where I went through all these procedure. 


Why does nobody at comcast want to fix this?




Re: Can't reset Modem

I have the exact same problem and mentioned this in the thread below this one but so far crickets. Obviously it’s some kind of screw up with one of the last few app updates because I have never had this issue before.
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Re: Can't reset Modem

Hi iqwifiocduc, clfnole,


Thank you for reaching out. The Help and Support team is actively working on fixing this defect for users who have multiple modems and should have a fix out soon so that customers can troubleshoot their internet devices on both the web and the My Account app once again. 


I'll send you both a follow-up private message to gather a few more account details so we can look to see that everything else on your accounts checks out. 


We apologize for the hassle and greatly appreciate your patience as we work to enable this functionality for you again.




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