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Android MyAccount app won't allow login

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Android MyAccount app won't allow login

 I have had the my account app on several different Android powered phones now. None of them have allowed me past the Log In button. Pushing the button opens a web page, if I'm lucky it says I'm already logged in with a redirect back to the app that's still on the log in screen. If I'm not I'll either get a forum asking for my username/password or more likely I get a moved error and it drops right back to the app.
This is specially irritating as all the internet troubleshooting help pages direct you to the apparently useless phone app.
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Re: Android MyAccount app won't allow login

Hello SillySnowFox, are you able to login to other Comcast apps? Have you tried logging into the app using a different device other than an Android phone? Can you login online through our website at This maybe a compatibility issue, please test the app on another device and share your results.