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Account App - Troubleshooting

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Account App - Troubleshooting

I was Troubleshooting using the Account App. It came to deciding whether to use my cellphone number or user id/password to continue. I used the cellphone number. It asked for my cellphone number. Fine.


It then asked for me to input the characters on the screen? What characters? Nothing.


I tried again. Same thing.


I then switched to "Audio Challenge". it doesn't tell you lower or uppercase characters. It finally took lowercase after 5 tries. (A support rep thought it was uppercase).  


It then sends a security code. That took another 4 tries.


It then just sat there hung up.  What the heck is going where I can't see the characters, it hangs up, etc. I'm using an iphone 6s.  It does work on my ipad and send the code to my phone.