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punctuation errors

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punctuation errors

I am getting black diamond question marks instead of apostrophes, dashes, and commas when I receive emails from one particular friend. I do not see these when reading the emails on my desktop, only when reading them on my android phone; and I only see them on emails from this one friend. My friend is using Windows 10 on a desktop computer and email. I am using a Moto G4 Plus phone with email (XFINITY Connect Application). How do we make this stop? Thanks!

Re: punctuation errors

Here is kind of an explanation, similar but not exact to your situation. ? maybe.


I didn't see any option in the xfinity app change encoding or to read messages in plain text.


  • If you see strange characters in a received message, click the Encoding button on the ribbon and select a different one, like Unicode (UTF-8). If this makes the text display properly, you may find it best to leave Use default encoding for all incoming messages not selected.


Maybe can ask them to compose the message in plain text option vs. html to see if it fixes it.


For the sender: 

Messages you have composed and sent

Windows Live Mail 2011/2012 converts "straight" quotes and apostrophes in HTML messages to “curly” ones. Image
This will with some settings involve using Unicode characters, so the message will be transmitted using Unicode (UTF-8) encoding regardless of the setting at Options > Send > International settings. If recipients then read the message using a different encoding – like Western European – they will not see the characters you intended them to.