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mobile phones

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mobile phones

 #1) with exfinity can i use a basic phone ?

#2) do i need to purchase  a giga bite or two or unlimited to use the mobile net work?

#3) what if i don't have intranet on my basic phone now( with verizon) or wish to have it in the future because i use it just for a intranet is at home.


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Short answers to maybe help you (get you started), please contact and verify with XM.


 #1) with exfinity can i use a basic phone ?

The phones that can be used on the Xfinity Mobile System are at this link

All are smart phones meaning you can call, text,  PLUS, they provide access to the Internet.


#2) do i need to purchase (PAY)  a giga bite or two or unlimited to use the mobile net work?

For calling and texting the answer is no.  They offer unlimited calling and texting within the US.  

For Internet access, and if you are at home, and you have the Xfinity internet, the answer is still NO, you can access your modem's WIFI to get onto the Internet.  If you are away from home and use the Internet you get charged for CELLULAR DATA when the amount of cellular data exceeds a certain free limit.  Your phone SETTINGS will have to be set in a certain way if you only want to use your phone for unlimited call and text and zero cellular data.

Hope this helps. 


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Re: mobile phones


logsitter, N_A_S, provides great info. We only support smart phones at the site they listed above. So your basic flip phone from Verizon is not compatible. 


Our plans come with unlimited talk and text and the first 100MB of data (across the account) for free with your XFINITY Internet service. Every additional amount of data used is either charged at $12 per gig or you can get unlimited data for $45/month.