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iPhone 7 RED 128GB MAJOR Issues

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iPhone 7 RED 128GB MAJOR Issues

We switched from Sprint and up until recently have had no major issues with the Xfinity mobile service. But unless I get my 2 iPhone 7's exchanged for another device, I'm considering taking Sprint up on their offer to return to them for 1 year free service.

Both iPhone 7's are now so problematic with extreme deteriorated performance. This has gotten to the point of having had a fully charged device this morning and the battery draining to 4% within 3 hours and with no usage or running apps!.

Then it takes hours and hours to SLOWLY recharge and gets very hot. So hot its uncomfortable. 

I have to date: Reinstalled iOS 11 fresh and reinstalled some but not all of the apps I used previously.

                        Done several soft and hard reboots but the the last time I had a difficult time getting the iPhone to accept a cord that would power it.

I keep the port very clean and am fairly tech savvy so I have researched the issues but this particular model is IMHO, a piece of garbage.

Having to reinstall contacts, etc wasn't easy and I lost valuable telehone numbers and messages in this fiasco.

Now the 2nd iPhone is running hot and having battery drain and recharge issues.

I don't know who to contact at Xfinity and getting to the closest Apple store is inconvenient. I don't want to be without a device while waiting for an exchange. NOTE I said exchange for a new phone- I refuse to accept another iPhone 7 since this model has so many issues overall. The only other option for us is to somehow exchange for an iPhone 8? The iPhone X isn't worth the money unless there is an incentive deal but we just want a device that can hold a charge withour fear of it dying quickly and won't overheat. Please help.

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Re: iPhone 7 RED 128GB MAJOR Issues

JAGMAN6566, Please call XFINITY Mobile to start the exchange process for a replacement. A replacement will be mailed to you with a prepaid envelope to ship the phone back. Otherwise, you can take it to Apple to do a warranty exchange there.