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i appoligize ---------BEWARE

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i appoligize ---------BEWARE

I am sorry for my post before. it got locked for a bad word i bleeped out..all fixed!




I am tired of getting pushed off from one employee to the next.


Very long rant with full story


Here it goes,


Dec 16th 2018

I took my family into xfinity store to change Services. Every 2 years before XMas we upgrade our phone. something the family looks forward too.

I was stupid and didnt do my homework. Do your homework!

We have had verizon for nearly 10 years prior to this. Super happy with service, reliability and customer service! Didn't like the bill.


anyways we signed up 4 lines, got 3 new Iphone xsMax and a XR

Fast forward to the next day 12/17 . My XS Max wouldnt turn on, i plugged it in overnight but it never charged, once the battery was dead, phone was dead.


Apparently no one on their phone or their store know what the heck (fixed) they are doing.



Called the xfinity phone number-spend 2 hours on the phone trying to figure out what to do.

The people on the phone tell me to return to the store.

11:30am I head to the store in Tracy CA. Spend 3 hours sitting there with them trying to figure out what to do. Now i am on my lunch break, no phone, no way to contact my empolyeer for something that should have taken 10 minutes.

The people on the phone said straight exchange no big deal. apparently the store people had no idea how to do it or their system wouldnt let them. the guy finally get something figured out and comes out of the back room and says your new phone is on its way. Will be here in 2 days. Didnt ask, didnt explain prior what was going on. just did it. By the way they had another identical phone in stock.


Now this is irritating. We are leaving for a Xmas vacation on the 18th. I push back our departure date(went long term camping) loose out on camp spot money for the night $75. stay home twiddling my thumb for 2 days waiting because its signiture required, he didnt ask for a delivery address. I could have had it sent to a family members house. so we wait, and wait.


The gentleman at the store knew of the travel plans because I expressed my concern as we wouldnt be back till the 6th and be past our 20 day return period but i was reassured by the store and xfinity phone reps that my account would be noted and return extended.


12/19/18 - 4pm fedex shows up sign for my phone, load kids, load dogs, out of town by 5! get to campground at 10pm, not time to enjoy. Very cranky kids and wife.


1/7/19 Fast forward to this week. Get home late. enjoyed the rest the trip!

1/8/19 Get an email saying i missed my return date for the phone and to call and discuss it.

guy is friendly on the phone, says no problem sends another return tag.

1/9/19 print out tag while at work

1/10/19-----Today---- drop phone at fex ex. all is good. till i try to call my wife and i cant call and get directed to xfinity person. My account has been "hotlined" or put on hold! Xfinity tried to charge my bank for the total MSRP of the broken phone, $1100+. When it didn't go thru it put an instant stop on my account. Kids at school, no phone for them walking home and home alone before we get home. I spent 3 hours on the phone today ( while i am supposed to be working) talked to 4 or 5 people, don't even know anymore. In the end all they say is its the store responsibility because they didnt exchange and i shoudl go to the store. that since the phone just went out it will be 5-6 days of our phones off or pay for the phone and they will refund.


This is complete BS and have been passed around like the donation plate at a church.

My account is locked out. no phones, kids walk to and from school. and we dont have a home lan line.


So lets ad this up


12/17 - 1 hr on the phone - 3 hours at the store

12/18 & 19 - wait for phone to be delivered

1/8 - 20 minutes on the phone

1/10 - 2:50 minutes on the phone - 1 hr in the store.


4:10 on the phone and 4 hours sitting in the store. in less then a month.


I was told on the phone 30 day garuntee! yea apparently thats a lie! Was told 30 days return to get out of the contract by multiple reps. I Want OUT!!! They don't care. their word means nothing. Hopefully something gets resolved tomorrow.


I will Update. Store manager is supposed to call in the AM. Hoping my phone is still working.


Beware.. Run AWAY!!!!!