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how to check status of a rma

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how to check status of a rma



I have returned an iphone using a RMA.  How long before I actually receive credit for the return.  It all seems a bit silly to me.  I purchase the phone in the store and then the next day decided I didn't need the phone because I already had a compatible one.  Unfortunately they only way I could return the phone was to send it by fedex to texas for processing.  They couldn't do the return in the store.  Crazy.



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Re: how to check status of a rma




refund and returns  can  take  up too 30 days   if i ware you i would keep a eye on your credit  cards  has that is when  you will no when your phone has been graded  has you may get  charged  a  damge fee or C stock  grade    if  they  find any damge too the phone