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I closed an old account for $394.00. Reopened a new one put a $50 deposit down and set up brand new services. This was all over the phone customer support or sales department. They put me onto the triple play. Internet, cable, land line. Thr thing is I wanted to also sign up for mobile services. New mobile services. I have not moved anywhere stil the same address but the guy put my old account with a new account. The thing is I'm getting errors that say I'm not yet an Internet customer when in fact I am and that it'll direct me to a different website to sign up. This happens to me every time I try to sign up for mobile services. I've gotten the worst customer support ever!! I'm infuriated. No one seems to know how to help me I've spoken to many customer reps including through chat. I even went in and they toldme the ssame thing but to give it another 24 hours because manager provisioned it which I don't know what that means and uve waited a week for thisand no hhelp anywhere she also said it wasn't guaranteed to help and maybe I need to cancel new service and restart but that I would need another deposit. So can anyone please fix my and count or help me!?!!!!!!! Please! Thank you for reading
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alozo, thanks for posting here. The issue is when your account closed and a new one was opened, it generated two different account number and for whatever reason, the Mobile Account is linked to the old person. We just have to tell the Mobile account that your account number for residential services has changed. This is a common error on the forums (That I've seen so far) and is an easy fix.  I need the following from you via Private message: 


1. Full name

2. Current Address 

3. residential account number

4. If you can also recall the general month you closed the last account, that would help me confirm my work.