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cell service should not be this difficult

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cell service should not be this difficult

We have had "technical" issues over and over again with Xfinity Mobile. This started a couple of months ago when we went to the local store and were told not one but two unlocked Verizon devices could not be activated (iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S). We were told it was a Verzion issue, well it was not a Verizon issue as we paid for both of these phone up front and Verizon confirmed they were both unlocked. After much research (including forums regarding iPhone beta plans causing an issue and IMEI numbers being locked when they were not supposed to be), it turns out neither of these are actually the issue. So back to square one and we decided to go ahead and upgrade our current phones to iPhone 7 and move our existing service from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile. We log in to our existing Xfinity Mobile account (you know because all you Xfinity accounts are linked to make things much easier, so they say), and when attempting to purchase new devices, the account says contact us via chat or phone regarding eligibility. We already know we are eligible for the service, but apparently there is some glitch in their system and after more hours of research, it seems there is a glitch in their system and the primary administrative account in Xfinity Internet somehow is not linking to Xfinity Mobile. So after about 3 hours on chat and phone with both Xfinity Mobile and Xfinity Internet, there is still resolve in sight. We have transferred administrative rights to another account, reset all our passwords so that they match (yes that means Internet, Xfi, and Mobile). Our request to "elevate" this issue has also not resolved the situation. Why is it so difficult to purchase and/or activate a cell phone? I read the forum rules and understand I have to post a question or concern before I have the ability to send a private message to a Comcast Xfinity employee, so here it is. I truly hope that either ComcastKenF or ComcastAmir, who both seems to have dealt with similar issues recently, will see this post and help us resolve this seemingly neverending situation. All we want to do is give Xfinity Mobile not 1, not 2, but 5 cell phone plans, yet they cannot figure out how to allow us to purchase new devices or active old ones.  

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Re: cell service should not be this difficult


ajs0402, thanks for posting. I got your private message and will follow up there. 

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