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You look for any excuse not to honor your promos?


You look for any excuse not to honor your promos?

So during your 150 dollar lg charge x promo, I bougth two phones.  Got emails on both orders saying I was qualified.  About a month ago I one of the cards in the mail, tonight I call to see where the other is as all the links in the email are broken.  Tonight the rep tells me I wasn't qualified for the other because I switch sim to another phone within 90 days.  I asked to see where in the promotion that was stated and was told that you don't have details on that promotion you can share anymore.


I asked where I could see any notification that I was not getting my card, she aknowledged there was none. 

I asked why it mattered since I still paid for the phone and still had service with xfinity.  She had no answer.  Best I got was a 100 dollar bill credit, so I'm still out 50 bucks, and your company can't even provide documentation on the promotion I supposedly didn't meet terms on, not to mention I was never told this was a requirement.