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Xfinity will not let me bring over my two iPhones. Why

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Xfinity will not let me bring over my two iPhones. Why

I just moved to a new home in NM where they had Xfinity service. Went to their store and got set up with broadband to my home. It works great.


Second I asked about Xfinity moble and bring over my two iPhones. No problem said Xfinity. They went to work doing the voodoo they do so well at their keyboard but always hit an error and could not go any further in the process. This included a credit check that passed with flying colors.


What the local reps finanly got told by the higher people above was that my credit was ok but that I had made a big purchase recently and that I would have to wait a while until I could move them over.  OR!!! I could purchase two  Xfinity iPhones and I would be ok.


The first DUH!!!  I just purchased a home so yea I did make a big purhase.

The second DUH!!!. If it had to do with cost of purchase based on that I had purchased something big recently, would not two simms chips be cheaper that two complete iPhones, other than they make more money with me buying the phones?

The third DUH!!! How did they get info that I made a big purchase? I thought they just went by the credit score. Should they be looking at what I have purchased?


Has anyone ever heard of this?


Xfinity People; is this really your policy.


I thought you were in business to make money not turn it away. Since you would not give me the Xmoble product why would I want to use any of the other Xstuff.


Signing up for the broadband was easy peezy. I should have known that it was to good to be true.





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Re: Xfinity will not let me bring over my two iPhones. Why

I have just moved to Pennsylvania from North Carolina bought a condo ordered the xfinity bundle package including the home security. Xfinity ran my credit no problems, I've been pleased with their customer service and enjoying internet, a land line, cable tv and the comfort of their security system. I received a promotion for xfinity mobile service which states that I could bring an approved iPhone over if I took advantage of this promotion. I took a trip to my Willow Grove xfinity store and was told that my unlocked iPhone 6 was approved. However, as soon as the agent in the store entered my personal info (name, ssn, account # and address) into his 360 retail software,the agent could not go any further due to an code he was getting asking for more info. I was told to contact I spent the next 2 1/2 hrs in the xfinity store on conference calls with multiple supervisors at call centers and xfinity store management. No one could figure out how to work around the code even after being approved to add a mobile line to my account by the call center. The last thing I was told before leaving the xfinity store was that if I bought a new phone that I would not have to go through the headaches that this process caused me on Easter Sunday. It appears to me that xfinity mobile has falsely advertised that your iPhone can be bought over and the entire process is a waste of time . I also left feeling like a scam is being committed by xfinity mobile to get potential customers to buy their phones. Made some calls again today and the call center is blaming the xfinity in store agents and the in store agents are blaming the customer service call centers. Signing up for mobile service should not be this hard.


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Re: Xfinity will not let me bring over my two iPhones. Why

If you read the posts, buying a new phone through them may be just as difficult.

Like I said on this forum recently, I've been waiting a month. Multiple phone calls, chat, and private messages on here with Amir.. And I've gotten nowhere. I bought a new dang phone and proved my identity, they just don't want to send it to me.