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Xfinity mobile

Im beyond upset so first off i ordered an iphone 8 and 8+ on 03/01 and everything went through and was fine then i get an email saying to verify identity again cool no issue i send the documents asked for and wait for an email response hours later still nothing so i get on chat to find out my status and BOOM the verification was rejected!!!!! The rep then tells me i havr to make another order so Fast Fwd i make another order and it immediately denied so i call cus serv anf was told i had to wait 24 hours so the orig order can be taken out of the sys....Fast fwd to 03/02 i have been trying to find out what i needed to do to get my devices and it didnt seem as if anyone knew anything at this point i wanted (and still want) to just get devices from an actual xfinity store so i call cus serv to make sure that the order was cleared off of the acct so i can go make a new one and BOOM another issue now they saying i have a fraud on the acct and im needing to wait 2/3 days to get an email to answer some questions im highly annoyed n upset at the entire situation why do i have to wait im sure this can be done over the phone or in store like dang i need a phone and xfinity is really making me mad!!!!!!!
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XM cs is in turmoil at both the store & online level. It appears their skill with cell phones and the service they are trying to provide is around entry level. My experience this a.m. consisted of a lot of me repeating, him going "hmmmm" and the sound of cheat sheet pages turning endlessly in the background. Even people with the patience of Job will give up eventually.