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Xfinity mobile upfront costs?

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Xfinity mobile upfront costs?

Hello, I am interested in the xfinity mobile and was curious as to what is given upfront. The amount that shows up at the end says taxes are paid upfront and shows the total with the taxes and the plan as the final amount. I went through the process and did not see anything taken. I had originally heard that you do not pay the initial amount up front but did not think anything about it one way or another. Now i am curious if the charge is going to show up after it ships or if i will be expecting that sum after my first month of service? 


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Re: Xfinity mobile upfront costs?

I just signed up for two lines, data by the gig. I was charged about $5.70 upfront when the phones were activated.

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Re: Xfinity mobile upfront costs?

I ordered 3 iPhone X's all on the unlimited plan. I paid the first months cost of $135 for the 3 lines and tax on the full cost of the 3 phones which was around $243. My total was $478 and was taken out of my account the day the phones shipped.

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Re: Xfinity mobile upfront costs?

The taxes and fees are always charged up front. Device purchases are also charged up front.

For monthly service charges, it depends upon which plan you choose. Unlimited is charged up front, but by-the-gig will be charged 3 weeks after your billing cycle ends.
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Re: Xfinity mobile upfront costs?


Uniqessence, your costs are generally charged up front especially if the phone is in stock and ready for shipping. I have come across some customers who purchased back ordered device and weren't charged until the device became available. 


If you haven't seen a charge for your device and it is in stock, it'll most likely charge once the device changes hands from the warehouse and the shipper.