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Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..

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Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..

Was wondering if the Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay will still work with Xfinity Mobile or does one need to buy them directly from Xfinity!? I wasn't able to grab up one of the phones at a discount due to a hurricane & power outage but I see that they're being sold on Ebay for cheaper than they're listed in your store.


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Re: Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..

The way I see it, unless you buy the phone directly from XM, it will be considered a BYOD and you are out of luck unless you already have a SIM card you can transfer into it.

My advice to anyone is wait until BYOD is up and running before you sell off your one dollar phone to make a few bucks.  One never knows if XM has any surprises up their sleeve for the SIM swappers.  Stranger things have happened.  

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Re: Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..


cour, I would recommend making your device purchases from us. As TiredRetired mentioned, bring your own device isn't permitted on our network yet. Even if the devices online were XFINITY Mobile devices, there is no way to tell if the phones were blacklisted in any way (IMEI blocked, etc). 



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Re: Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..

thanks for the post:

I just bought a new S8 and ported the phone number out since my wife needed that phone number. 

Then I found out that you can't port another phone number in the device. 

Is there a way you can unlock the device and get verizon service with it? 

Right now I have swapped another phone (lg x charge) chip and put it in my S8. But want to have the LG X charge phone back working. I don't want to sell the phone on ebay if it is not going to work for the buyer. Any suggestions besides waiting for Xfinity to be able to port in phone numbers to android devices?

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Re: Xfinity mobile phones being sold on Ebay..

I bought XM Samsung S9 from ebay in November and put my XM sim into it. The sim was in an XM LG X charge then in a Verizon S7. Works fine. WiFi calling works, VoLTE works, XfinityWiFi hotspot works. I didn't try Xfinity voicemail because I use Google Voice for that. 6mo old S9 for $300, no brainer.