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Xfinity mobile order cancelled

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Xfinity mobile order cancelled

We go to the Xfinity store to purchase phones and service. The rep was not helpful at all. After looking over the choices he told us that our choice was not in stock at the store . He said we would have to order on line instead.apparently the store only stocks the latest and most expensive phones.

We go home and order two S7's online. same day. Two days later I get an email saying they tried to contact me the day before and got no answer> I should contact them by phone to answer a few questions concerning my order. There had been no attempt to contact me as the phone number I gave them with the order is my 24/7 phone number that is used when I am on call.

Any how after waiting on hold for over 30 minutes some one finally answers and asks me questions. I answered the correctly but apparently they thought I was wrong??? the person told me I would be getting a call back at the same number within 24 hours. That did not occur so I called again. After spending well over an hour trying to get through, another person told me that the previous person was wrong and I would not hear anything until 72 hours. Well, after 4 days, I call back again only to finally find out that my order was cancelled because I did not answerr one of the three questions correctly. Excuse me if I can't remeber the exact date i moved to my present address. That was nearly 40 years ago!. Before Comcast.

Not to mention the several times ZI was conveniently put on hold and then cut off.

Thankfully I am now convinced that with this mush trouble just buying service the actual service can not be very reliable.

I am now a happy TMobile customer and investigating FIOS for my home and vacation home.

Martin Myers

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Re: Xfinity mobile order cancelled


martmyers, that is not the experience I wanted for you. Unfortunately, if a fraud review is given and you are sent questions to verify your account, they must all be answered correctly within 72 hours. If they are not, the order is cancelled. Please post again if you need further help.