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Xfinity mobile need to do better!!!

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Xfinity mobile need to do better!!!

Last week I placed an order for a new iPhone 8 for my wife, who is in need of a new phone. because her current phone is broken we decided to go with Xfinity mobile place the order after placing the order we receive an email stating that we needed two pieces of ID to complete the order. and they gave us 72 hours to do so. After receiving the email me and my wife send them what they ask for. Now a week later & there is no phone because it was canceled. Now mind you we called practically every other day trying to find out the status of the phone. all they kept saying was it was submitted. I called back Tuesday which was actually a week since the phone was placed in order they're still giving me the same answer that it was submitted. now today being Friday they're telling me it was cancelled. My only problem with this is if you place an order and it goes through they send you an email stating it went through. Now if it was canceled I also believe they should also send you an email stating that it was canceled. So no email stating that I'm receiving a phone and no email stating that I'm being cancelled. now here I am a week later and I have to call in to verify what's going on with my phone just to find out that we were cancelled!!! yall need to do better than that.
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Re: Xfinity mobile need to do better!!!

Azer215, let's take a look at the status of your order and the reason for the previous cancellations. Please send me a private message with your full name, residential account number and address for help.

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