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Xfinity mobile Order help needed

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Xfinity mobile Order help needed



Placed an order (#153355559 ) a few days ago and was hoping the '2 day shipping' would mean I would have it before leaving for a trip the coming Saturday.



However, it is still showing as 'Not yet Shipped' and while I tried to call I'm usually on hold for hours without a live person on the other end, and honestly, that is a bit frustrating for a new customer who haven't even started using the service (kind of worried about what if something goes wrong later and I need help? do I have to take days off from work just to call Comcast?).


 It would be great if someone could help expedite the shipment process so it ships out today and has a chance to arrive before Saturday and to help a new mobile customer not being forced to go to the other service providers even before starting to use the xfinity mobile service.


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Re: Xfinity mobile Order help needed

Two day shipping means that FedEX will deliver the package within two business days of them receiving the package from the shipper, Xfinity Mobile.


Weekends and holidays are not business days.


Generating a tracking number and emailing it to the customer does not mean that the package was shipped. It is deemed shipped when FedEX has tracking history showing that it was picked up from Xfinity Mobile.


Xfinity Mobile can not ship phones that they do not have in stock.