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Xfinity Mobille $500 Rebate

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Xfinity Mobille $500 Rebate

I signed up for Xfinity service in December and wanted to get the $500 promotion for adding mobile service.

I had ongoing issues with the Gigabit service and had it temporarily disconnected. The concerns were corrected and I had Triple Play with Gigabit Internet reinstalled earlier this week. Unfortunately, now that the services are up and working the previous $500 promotion towards purchasing an iPhone X and adding mobile service has expired.

I would like to add Xfinity Mobile to my account and purchase a iPhone X and use the $500 promotion I was hoping to use before the service was shut down temporarily. How can you help?

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Re: Xfinity Mobille $500 Rebate

Hello sylexus, I responded to your private message please reach back out to me there.