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Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

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Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

Xfinity lost my phone number!!!!   I'm so frustrated!


My son ordered a phone from Xfinity.   It was delivered to the house, and he followed the instructions to activate it on Xfinity Mobile, including providing the account number and password necessary to port it from our Tmobile account.    Somehow it activated his phone with my phone number that was active on Tmobile!   He called Xfinity support.   They then ported his phone number to his phone, effectively dropping my phone number out into nowhereland.   I have talked to Tmobile, who says when they look up the phone number it's active on Comcast.   I've talked to Comcast (too many times to count) and all they seem to be able to do is look at my Internet/Cable account and say it's not active on that account.   So far I have probably been on the phone 6+ hours trying to get this resolved.   Comcast support is the worst!!  Tmobile is at least trying  to help me, but Comcast isn't responding to them either.   


I've talked to the people in the local Xfinity store, who opened a ticket for me (SR014633674).   Today I called for the status on that and they told me nothing has been done on it despite being open for 24 hours.   I also have a tier 2 ticket open with the call center (26599955).   It's like these reps haven't been trained at all, either in the product or customer service in general.   


Has anybody had any luck retrieving their phone number after a carrier loses it?



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Re: Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

Betsy, thanks for reaching out. Please do not proactively private message multiple members of the team as this violates forum guidelines. 


I will take a look into your issue with this port and the ticket numbers you have provided here. I'll follow up in private message. 



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Re: Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

Unfortunately you're not the only one. Their customer support team says their back end system that handles IMEI to ICCID matching etc is extremely antiquated and requires their tier 3 engineers to manipulate! I've spent at least 10 hours on the issue since last week. The company is a nightmare. It starts with their customer support lines routing calls to their home services division. You can't get to Xfinity mobile until you have a human being transfer the call out of primary Comcast over to them.

Then their customer support ticket system creates a new ticket every time you call in, and each time a new ticket is created, your entire account goes to the back of the line of support. Pure insanity.

Then each time you call you're told to do the reverse of what the previous representative had you do, the very thing they said would cause problems. 5 days, no texts, no phone calls, no service.
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Re: Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

What struck me about the forum reply you received was the unprofessional way he began his reply. The professional, curtious, articulate approach should have been: I apologize that you have not been able to resolve what has been not only a time consuming, but I assume a stressful issue.
I called xfinity today concerning my bill. When I became frustrated with the flippant, rude customer service individual, and asked to speak to a supervisor, he said, "No". I asked his reason, and he replied, "Because there's no reason for you to speak to a supervisor. " I, in turn informed him that he has no right to determine whether I need to speak to a supervisor. He then, promptly hung up on me. I was not yelling at him, using fowl language or verbally criticizing him, to which I would deserve a hangup.
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Re: Xfinity Mobile lost my phone number!

I try and stick to Online chats, unless i really have to call in. Much more nice and curtious over that because you can save logs and have proof of chats. Whenever I call in, I get terrible service.