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Xfinity Mobile Visa Gift Card

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Xfinity Mobile Visa Gift Card

About a year and a half ago, I activated a new line because of a promotional offer they had going on where I would receive a Visa gift card. My initial experience was absolutely awful, to the point where they were not going to give it to me due to their error (luckily I had the paperwork and it all worked out). Fast forward to about two months ago and they had another, so I added my sister-in-law to the plan. Again, my "reward" is beind held and nothing has changed on the status website. Is anyone else having issues with Xfinity not handing over the promised card? It's incredibly frustrating to have them promote something, only to not actually go through with it.


Re: Xfinity Mobile Visa Gift Card

About 3 weeks ago I bought two new Iphones and transferred another phone from Att to Xfinity. I was promised two $250 Visa cards for the bought phones and one $100 Visa Card for the phone I brought over.


I did receive an email saying the purchased phones Visa Card would be sent in several more weeks if they qualify. I have received nothing about the $100 for bring my own phone from Att.


I'm guessing youhave not received any emails.