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Xfinity Mobile Verify

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Xfinity Mobile Verify

I placed an order, not once but twice now through xfinity mobile. THey have both been cancelled due to not being able to verify. I have sent lease agreements, school transcripts, bank statements, utilities, insurance cards, social security card, ID , passport ID and somehow they are still unable to verify me. What is the issue? I tried to cancel and wait to go into the store and just place the order, and it will not clear as well. I spoke with a rep. today who told me to replace the order online and I wouldn't have to verify as it would be placed in my account notes that it has been done. Please help. 



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Re: Xfinity Mobile Verify


BANKSWIFE, let's check on your order. Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential account for help. Please also include your most recent order number.