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Xfinity Mobile Signup Rewards - Feeling deceived

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Xfinity Mobile Signup Rewards - Feeling deceived

Hi Team,


I have ordered new Xifinity Mobile line and ordered Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile for my family member on Sep 30, 2018 and still didn't receive any rewards.  


One of my family member was planned  to move to USA and need to new mobile connection, so Xifinity mobile was providing rewards of $300 gift card if I buy phone and a new line.  I chat with customer care online chat and explained that I need new mobile line, didn't have any existing number to port, whether  am I eligble to this offer. He told me that if I get new mobile number or port existing number to Xifinity will eligible for this offer and eligible for $300 gift card if I ordered on or before Sep 30, 2018. So I ordered Samsung phone  on Sep 30, 2018 and got activated after 10 days in Xifinity mobile by calling customer care support.


I still didn't receive gift card and today called  customer support to know the status, they said that I am not eligible to get offer and going to create a ticket.  I am using Camcast broadband more than 5 years, as being loyal Xifinity customer feeling like deceived me


Why should I need to use Camcast broadband better change to other carriers.  This is very bad customer support getting from Camcast / Xifinity and didn't make sense to me using their product for more than 5 years and deceiving like this.