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Xfinity Mobile Return Scam

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Xfinity Mobile Return Scam

I wish I would have seen all the issues about online returns before I ordered.

I signed up for service and received my phone around 1/17. Decided to return a week later. When I called to set up the return I was told I could return to a store even though I ordered online. Online it said it had to be mailed back but I didn’t feel comfortable shipping such an expensive phone back. The rep was incorrect, it did indeed need to be mailed back. A week after they receive it I get an email saying I could not be issued a full refund followed by a blanket statement of reasons why along with a c stock charge.
I call in and inquire as to how it was as the phone was used for 1 phone call, was still in the plastic wrap, and was surely sent back in mint condition. The rep says she has a “new” tool to pull pictures of the graded phone. Why these picture were not sent to me when I am expected to pay for it is ridiculous. So she says one of the pictures shows scratches all over the screen. Concerned on how that happened I ask if their is anything in the photo identifying the phone as the one I returned. Nope, just a picture attached to return paperwork. After 45 minutes on the phone I finally get a supervisor to refund the charges but I am still expected to pay a restocking fee.

This return process is really sketchy.
1. No option to return to a local store
2. They charged the account the second the email was sent, no warning or inquiry period.
3. They don’t send the grading pictures with the email saying you are getting charged, and the email doesn’t differentiate between whether you are being charged for cosmetic issues, broken hardware or lock screen present.
4. The grading pictures show no identifying information that the phone pictured is the one returned.

All these signs seem to point to a business strategy from Comcast to allow them to apply a $350 “C-stock” charge to as many phones as they can, at their discretion, regardless of the phone being returned. I know their are plenty of complaints about returns but wanted to expand on how sketchy it all seemed to me. If you think you might end up returning the phone and their is store near you, go buy it in the store.
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Re: Xfinity Mobile Return Scam

Had similar issues, literally had phones about a week and the service was terrible so I returned them. I made sure they were packaged the way specified and all items went back. They still beat me out of my refund and charged me for $280.00 for a perfectly unused phone. I about to get a lawyer and already have the bank investigating. Maybe a class action lawsuit. They did so many people this way, lied about phones and stole refunds. What is sad I been with Comcast for 10 yrs and love the tv/internet services. This has been the biggest scam and I am very disappointed. I may have to leave them all together because of this. I was loyal to them and they have treated me like trash. Hurt
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Re: Xfinity Mobile Return Scam

Yeah it was really disappointing. I’ve had internet service for the past year and it has been great, but they really discouraged me from future service with this. The sad part is they told me they would not be able to do anything from customer support, but after 30 minutes on hold suddenly they were able to issue a refund. I told them if this was not resolved today I would be going through my bank’s fraud department about the charge. If this keeps happening to people I don’t think a class action suit would be too far off.
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Re: Xfinity Mobile Return Scam



Thanks for posting. I'm glad to hear the issue was resolved for you. 


Many carriers have the same policy where you cannot return a phone in store that was purchased online. This would cause an inventory and tracking issues. 


While we do not refund restocking fees, you can call into to request a credit.