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Xfinity Mobile Prepaid Card Not received - Escalation request

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Xfinity Mobile Prepaid Card Not received - Escalation request

I have taken Xfinity Mobile Connectivity on 31st August and ported my Sprint connection to Xfinity with BYOD option. The offer was to receive prepaid Visa card after 3 billing cycle. My 4 billing cycle is passed still no update on this. Moreover as usual Xfinity is keeping his name on top of Worst Customer Service experience. I have tried to reach out Reward center few times and been told that a Service request with their team will be raised and no response after that. In the reward center the status shows as pending as it was last updated on september. I have tried to send message via reward center and after that I am only getting notification that I will be getting response within 3-5 business day and beleive me its not going to happen. The only thing I am doing is calling several people and giving the same description so many times. Its absolutely ridiculous and deisappointing. I know Xfinity always maintains worst customer service and to be honest currently I am experiencing the same.  I dont know how to escalate this hence posted this topic in this forum which may help me to get notified by few "EXPERT EXECUTIVES" with real help.

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Prepaid Card Not received - Escalation request

the offer terms haven't been fulfilled for 3 months then the processing time is 16-18 weeks. i signed up mid-July and they won't help me because it hasn't been a full 18 weeks since my terms were fulfilled. my cards don't even show up as processing, just as if the promise of cards doesn't even exist for my account. I wish I knew about xfinity/comcast support before I did the deal