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Xfinity Mobile Number Porting SNAFU

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Xfinity Mobile Number Porting SNAFU

On Friday 3/16 my wife and I were at an Xfinity store to move our phones from Verizon to XM.  My wife's number ported fine but mine didn't go through right away.  After an hour we needed to leave the store but I was assured it would port soon.  3 hours later I call customer service to see what's going on and we figure the rep had messed up my Verizon account number on the port request.  The rep cancelled and resubmitted the request.  Hours later still nothing. 


Saturday morning I'm told that rep the night before also messed up the account number and we would need to start the process again, but needed to wait for 24 hours after the original request to submit another.  Later Saturday I call back for an update and I'm told that Verizon needs to re-enable the number so XM can port it.  They tell me to call Verizon and sort it out with them.  I call Verizon and they check and say there is nothing holding XM back from taking the number.  The Verizon rep even tried to call the XM port center, which appeared to be closed over the weekend, and then called XM customer service to trouble shoot.  She helps them figure out they didn't submit all the needed info on the latest port request - missing the last 4 of SS# - which I gave them.  This is the rep of the company I'm leaving, going out of her way to walk the XM support people through finding the problem. 


Sunday comes, still no service.  Back on the phone and chat with XM support several times - no one seems to know what to do other than trying to port again, which keeps failing. 


Monday morning still no service - call and demand to speak to a manager.  The rep says we should put in a tier 2 ticket.  What?  After 3 days I now hear there's an escalation path.  I'm told a tier 2 person will call me withing 2 hours.  Wait two hours, nothing, drive to the Xfinity store where I bought the phone.  The rep there tries to help calling support and gets nowhere - he's told to tell me to get a new number.  I've had my number for almost 20 years.   Finally on a chat session he's told that tier 2 is working on it and it should be resolved "soon".  I have to leave - I have a life - and I never hear from anyone. 


Tuesday (today) and still no service.  I call support again and I'm told there's no way to contact anyone at tier 2 support to get an update.  I'm also told I should get a new number and that my original number is probably lost. What???  I still  have not EVER received any communication from anyone at XM during this - I always have to reach out to them to push for the next action.  No one owns this on their side that I can tell. It's just me.  Regretting my choice to push more business to Xfinity.  


Can someone from XM read this and help me?  Give me an update?  Outline the process so I know what to expect?  Call or email me?  This has gone beyond pathetic.


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Re: Xfinity Mobile Number Porting SNAFU

It's a Festivus Miracle.  Last night my phone started to work.  With my old number.  No idea if it was my diatribe here or if the mystical tier 2 gnomes came through for me.  Still no email or call from XM to say - "hey, your phone should be working now, give it a try.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we're sending you a "Xfinity Mobile - New Service, Same Crappy Customer Experience" t-shirt.  


In fact I was supposed to leave my phone off during the "extended porting process" or else it may cause further problems.

Me: So how will I know when it's working?  

XM: You can use the Xfinity Connect app to monitor progress!

Me: But I can't use my phone.  Should I install it on my old phone?

XM: No! You need to leave that one off too.

Me: Soooo, how should I monitor progress?

XM: Do you have another device?  

Me: No, I just spent $700 on the one you're fixing that I can't use yet.

XM: Ok, Tier 2 will be in touch via your home phone and/or email.


To borrow a line from a local writer, when the phone didn't ring, I knew it was Xfinity Moble......

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Number Porting SNAFU

The miracles keep coming.  A very nice guy from Tier 2 called my cell this afternoon to make sure it was working.  He was still not sure what caused the problem, but at least someone actually contacted me.