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Xfinity Mobile Fraud annoyance

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Xfinity Mobile Fraud annoyance

Back in February my CC number was stolen and used to purchase something through XFinity mobile. At that time I called the CC company and did fraud and was issued a new card. In March my new CC with a new number was charged again through XFinity. I did the same thing again and reported fraud, got a new CC number I also had them put a block on it that no charges from Xfinity could be charged. This past friday April 13, another charge from Xfinity. Called CC company again. The block didn't work. I have tried multiple times to get these to stop and have done everything on my end to stop them. I finally just cancelled my CC all together due to Xfinity getting the new number. If you are not aware Xfinity uses the Visa Updater which will give them your new credit card number if the previous one was cancelled. This is annoying. How can they do that? I have contacted Xfinity Mobile to make sure that I have no account with them in my name and I don't. They couldn't find anything with my phone number, name etc. Xfinity Mobile needs to have something else in place to better verify infromation when someone is opening a new account with them. How can you take a CC in a different name than the account of the person?  Xfinity Mobile is losing a lot of money due to their lack of verification for new accounts. Hopefully this information helps anyone else running into this.

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Fraud annoyance

Have you tried changing your password and adding a more complex password? We take these matters very seriously. Please go to to submit a claim or call the Customer Security Assurance ID Theft team at 844-335-8719 as soon as possible.