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XM: Available Devices

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XM: Available Devices

I was intrigued when I saw that xfinity was offering mobile service.  As a long term VZW customer, I love their quality.  However, their pricing is out of control.  My monthly bill is rediculously high.  So, I looked into this service.  To date, they STILL only offer Samsung and iPhone, neither of which I like.  I'm an HTC and Motorola preferred android person.  After reading these Customer Service issues and lack of quality assurance, I'm not sure XM is the place for me and my family plan.  Lack of android options aside, I'm pretty disappointed in what I'm reading just regarding service at this point.  Darnit! 

Good luck to xfinity mobile reaching comparable service and options to make it a more attractive mobile choice in the current market.

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Re: XM: Available Devices


krystilangel, as a community forums site, you'll mostly see issues here that we are working to resolve customer by customer. We are working on expanding our device offerings. Please feel free to check us out in the near future. Thanks for posting.