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XFINITY WiFi Settings has stopped.

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XFINITY WiFi Settings has stopped.

I keep getting this pop-up on my galaxy s7.  the options are close / report.  does anyone know why this happens and how to stop it?  It happens 2-3 times per hour sometimes when I'm using apps on the phone.


Re: XFINITY WiFi Settings has stopped.

First, I will assume you talked to X Mobile and they had you "restart the phone" and "check for updates" and all of the simple initial trouble shooting.
If not, go to the play store and see if there are any updates available for your device's installed apps. Also make sure there are no system updates via Settings>Software Updates>Check for updates manually.

-Public Service Annoucment-
Do not do the below unless your phone is, in general, running poorly (app crashes, force closes, random reboots, phone getting really warm for no reason). And do not do the below without doing simple troubleshooting steps first (reboot phone, clear malfunctioning apps cache from settings menu, uninstall/reinstall any malfunctioning apps).

What we will do here is clear out your system's cache that may be causing the issue like you describe, which is random force close/application crash.

The application, Xfinity Wifi Settings, is crashing.
So, we will see if clearing out system cache will help. Sometimes, cache (files stored in RAM for quick access by the operating system for frequently used applications) can become corrupt and cause issues like you are experiencing.
Don't do this all the time as the cache partition is actually good and part of your phones "learning" to keep things smooth and responsive.

OK, let's get started.

-Entering Recovery Mode-
1-Power off phone completely.
2-With phone powered completely down, press and hold the volume up and home button.
3-Continue to hold both buttons, and now also press and hold the power button.
4-Continue holding all 3 buttons until your device displays "Samsung S7" in white with a black background at which point you can release all 3 buttons.
5-You will know you did it correctly because after you release all 3 buttons (and a few seconds passes) the Android mascot and text that reads "Installing System Update" will appear on your screen. You will be staring at this screen for a minute, or two. Just be patient.
Don't worry, no system update is being installed, the devices software/firmware is searching the device files for any "" or "fota".
6-Your patience is rewarded when you see a list of options that begins with "reboot system now", and you can scroll through the options using volume up and volume down buttons (please note the volume buttons are how you navigate through listed options while in this mode. Additionally, pressing the power button once selects whatever you have highlighted).

-Now that you are In Recovery Mode-
1-Scroll with volume down button until the option "wipe cache partition" is highlighted.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT select "format data/factory reset" as confirming this operation will return your phone to fresh out of the box form/brand new as if you just received it from Comcast (all of your personal files/any photos on internal memory of the phone/personal settings would all be erased from phone).
2-With "wipe cache partition" highlighted, press the power button once to select.
3-A new menu will appear.
4-Scroll down so "yes" is highlighted. Good time to double check you are indeed selecting yes to confirm a wipe of CACHE!
5-With "yes" highlighted press the power button once to select which will start the operation.
6-Wait a few seconds for the device to complete the cache wipe operation (there will be commands/output running in the bottom portion of the screen that you will see happen automatically). Only takes a few seconds.
7-Once the cache wipe is complete you will be returned to main menu automatically.
8-Now at the main menu make sure "reboot system now" is highlighted and press the power button once select.
*Note: Do not select "power off". If you do you'll wind up back in this recovery mode and will have to select "reboot system now".

-Phone Reboots-
1-Let the device boot all the way up as normal and please note it may take longer than normal on this initial reboot as the software begins "reorganizing" things. So, just let it do it's thing for up to 10 minutes (probably WAY shorter, but I don't won't you to be worried).
2-Test things out and let me know if we need to further trouble shoot.
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Re: XFINITY WiFi Settings has stopped.

The process was easy to follow.  There was a graphic of the android robot falling over with 'No Command' and a warning symbol (momentary panic).  Soon after the menu appeared.  I will see if the problem comes back today when I use the phone and post the issue.

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Re: XFINITY WiFi Settings has stopped.