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XFINITY Mobile $300 Gift Card

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XFINITY Mobile $300 Gift Card

Hey all, 

Just a warning that if you were promised to receive a $300 gift card, you will either get $200 or nothing. XFINITY seems to be deceitful here. I was hopeful of calling in to get support since I thought this could have been an error, but I've come to the conclusion that these are money saving tactics and you'll get transferred 100 times before you get help. I spent more than $100 worth of time trying to get the $100 they stole, but have come out unsuccessful.  

It would be better if they promised $100 and sent $200. I feel lied to and cheated by this company. 



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Re: XFINITY Mobile $300 Gift Card

I won't know until October. Have you tried the rewards number? 1(800)526-3268

- Bill