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XDA developers and device support

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XDA developers and device support

Guys I am a XDA moderator over on

Also I am liv most of the time on Telegram Both As  TheMadScientist

I am not trying to take away from Xfin Mobile at all 

but when It comes to non service issues like device issues on androids  samsungs specially Myself or many other members can help nearly live 24/7

Any where from bugs to some sim unlocks,Rooting some devices and all  

No paid services and junk allowed on xda all free

I own a s8 and am nearly a samsung guru myself  I love to help people but dont get on here much....

But any and all are more than welcome to hit me up anytime day or nite And I will eventually answer lol  And hopefully be able to provide a good one



Re: XDA developers and device support

What he says ^

is absolutely, 100% true.

is a great place for help and just general questions.