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X-Charge Battery Draining Quickly M322

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X-Charge Battery Draining Quickly M322

We have three X-Charge phones in the family.  Until a week or two ago the batteries seemed to last forever.  They would only loose 3% or 4% overnight and not too much more during the day if they were idle.  However, something has changed.  We're lucky if they make it 24- 30 hours without requiring a top-off.  Has there been an Firmware or Android update that was pushed to the phones recently?  Might this be the cause?  We haven't loaded any new Apps recently.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: X-Charge Battery Draining Quickly M322

I am also facing similar issues. but in my case the charge is not staying at all. Last night i switch off the phone and set to charge. however it charged only 1 % in 10 minutes. The situation is so bad that I am carrying a 20000 mA with me to keep the phone funtioning