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Worst customer service

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Worst customer service

I may be the quickest person to cancel with Xfinity Mobile . I have been a customer of Sprint for 24 years and last week made the decision to switch to Xfinity Mobile and tomorrow I will undo that decision by cancelling and sending my phone back . I called last Wednesday started the process of signing up and ordering a new phone and then called back on Thursday added a second line and ordered a second phone and thats where the fun began . My first two choices of phones were out of stock so I then ordered the Samsung 7 because it was in stock and would ship within 48 hours . First phone ordered shipped within 48 hours and tracking number was provided but I could not find any info on the second phone . I then on Saturday attemped to call customer service but at that time the wait  was almost an hour so I then chose to use the chat option and after waiting 45 minutes for a response I was told there was no problem with my order and when they charged my credit card it would guarantee delivery of my order and there was a good chance my phone would ship that night and I would receive it by Monday . I waited until Tuesday to try and contact customer service again only to find a wait time of 45 minutes so once again I went back to chat only to be told once again there was no problem with my order and I should be receiving my new phone very soon and not to worry they were behind because of the unexpected high volume of sales  so now at this point I have been lied too twice . I received a email today from Xfinity today letting me know they no longer have my phone and they will no longer be selling this model and a credit would be issued to my card ...  I called customer service tonight which included 45 minutes waiting on hold then another 15 minutes with the rep only to be told sorry nothing can be done but for your trouble I will give $20 off your first bill . I was not a happy camper to say the least so now 7 days later I now have to ship the one phone I received back and cancel my service . I do understand things happen but in a matter of 7 days I was sold a phone they do not have or have access to and I have spent over 3 hours trying to track a phone that was never coming and if someone would have been upfront with instead of telling me not to worry your order is being processed and your phone will ship soon this could have a been avoided . I guess if there is a bright side I had to wait on the second phone before I could cancel with Sprint so I wont have to go through the trouble of siging back up with them at a higher cost ...

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Re: Worst customer service


Tsnow1, this is not the experience that I wanted for you. Sometimes this complication can happen when a device is purchased and the manufacturer makes the phone end of life (will not be produced anymore) before it can ship. I'm sorry we lost you as a customer. Please let me know if you need additional assistance in the future. 



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